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?Looking for evidence that you really do get to have it all

?Ready to embrace change & create new ways of thinking for your highest & greatest good

?Seeking to make an impact on the world instead of stressing about money

?Totally on board the magic train and excited to call in more Abundance

?Excited to live in Ease, Grace & Flow!


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How This Is Going Down:

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❤️In order to win the prize, you must be following me on Instagram, and participate in all five days of the challenge, using our hashtag (which I will reveal on day one).

❤️Each Instagram video will be about ten minutes long and you will be asked to complete a quick & easy task every day to help you uplevel your Money Consciousness.

And by day five… you’ll have an entirely different relationship with yourself, with money, AND with the Universe! Awesome sauce!

About Me:

Hi, I’m Harriette, of Ask Harriette!

High Priestess of Light & Money Consciousness Coach

I am head-over-heels-obsessed-in-love with helping people make money. The kinda money which makes you feel really really good. The kinda money which flows effortlessly and easily and fills you with so much joy, you wonder how you ever managed to do life before finding your abundant Soul purpose!

My story is a long one but I’ll give you the short version:

I set up my first business aged 18 (I’m 31 now). By 23 I was extremely successful and earning multiple 6-figures. I was arrogant, naive, and a little foolish. I found myself in an abusive relationship, became suicidal, and took my eye off the ball (and my business), which facilitated an opportunity for 3 of my staff members to swipe my business from me, an act which sent me spiralling into over £200,000 worth of debt. I was 25 and broken in every possible way a woman could be broken.

Months later I found myself on a Kundalini yoga mat trying to wrap my fingers around my big toes with my arse in the air and making ridiculous animal noises ?

I was so embarassed. Mortified in fact, not just with ridiculousness of the predicament of the position I found myself in, but also with how I’d managed to get myself to this point. The British in me died a little, and along with it, all the limiting beliefs that had held me back.

I found my awakening. My spiritual path unfolded with breakneck speed, and within years I’d paid off all my debts. At 29 I declared myself a self-made millionaire and bought my first £1,000,000 home in London.

The evolution continued further, and in September 2017 I became intiated as a Priestess of Light. And in April 2019, on my 31st birthday, I became a High Priestess.

This is a new level of service. One I’m just discovering. But one I’m more passionate about than anything else in my life.

I believe we ALL have a Right & Responsibility to Abundance. I also believe that my clients are drawn to me because their Souls are ready for next level expansion. I know I’m the force behind world-shakers, change-makers, and the faces of the new world we are creating together. I don’t ever give up on my clients. Your success is my success. So in a bid to spread my Abundant message even further, I’m running this super fun contest… just to show you how easy Abundance can really be!

Want to increase your chances of receiving Abundance? SHARE the abundance! Share this challenge on all your social media pages, with friends & families, and just wait for the Universe to reward you. She wants this message out there just as much as I do!

My love always

Harriette xxx